Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers between users and customers that will help you to understand clearly how the operation of our service works and the technology that allows us to offer a high-speed internet service at an affordable cost.

1How does our service work?
We take our signal to your home or business through a radio (antenna) or radio subscriber (SM) that has been the termination point, and acts as a router or modem. Our radio has an integrated antenna that receives the signal from our towers. The equipment is installed on the roof of the house or business as it requires visual line to our towers. The SM is connected through a Category 5e cable to your PC, Switch or router and electricity is provided through an AC adapter.
2What reach do our antennas have?
From the base station, the basic antenna has a range of 2 to 3 miles. For longer distances, a reflector is added which allows the communication to reach up to 10 miles. This means that if you have plain sight of our access points, you can receive our high-speed services. This is as long as there is nothing blocking the line of sight, such as trees or buildings. Our technology works with visual line, if there is no visual line to our towers, we will be unable to provide the service.
3Is our technology equal to the service offered by satellite?
Not at all. Wireless technology is bi-directional as opposed to satellite technology. Wireless technology is much faster and with much less latency (7ms to 50ms) than satellite technology. It is comparable to a dedicated connection per line and the upload capacity is superior. Satellite service usually has a data cap or is limited and the speed is reduced after certain quota is consumed.
4What is the difference between URBAN Broadband and DSL
Our service has the ability to reach speeds of up to 25Mbps like other technologies, but the installation process is much faster than the cable or DSL companies.
5What is the difference between URBAN Broadband and Cable TV?
Cable TV offers up to 200mbps of speed. This is limited to how many of your neighbors are using the same wire. In cable, the changes of speed are seen a lot, contrary to our technology, which does not share its connection with the neighbors. Another problem with cable is security, because of the shared copper wire, your information can be easily intercepted.
6What can interfere with the signal?
Anything that blocks the line of sight between the client and our towers. Especially trees, mountains and buildings. If you have a visual line, the service should not be interrupted.
7What does your computer require?
Your computer must have a network card. Nowadays most computers already come with it. If your computer does not have one, you can ask us for one and we will gladly install it.
8Is it compatible with OS X Linux UNIX?
As long as you have a network card, there shouldn’t be any problems and it works with any operating system.
9Can I connect various computers at the same time?
Yes, as long as you have a network configured. Note that we do not allow the distribution of our service through Wi-Fi to your neighbors and if we notice abuse of our network, we can terminate the contract.
10What do I have to do to my computer for the system to work?
Our antennas have a basic router with integrated DHCP. This means that you do not have to change anything in the configuration of your machine. Just connect our cable to your card and you should be able to navigate immediately.
11How long does it take to install the service?
Everything depends on the volume of installations at the moment. But normally it takes us 2 business days or less after having received the request for service. Sometimes it can even be installed on the same day. If you are located in an area where we do not know if there is coverage, it may take an extra day for us to verify the tests.